Classic Cabinetry Flatpacks 

Designer Flatpacks

If you want your flatpack kitchen custom fit and perfected to your needs then you can draw upon our 30 years industry experience and professional designers to custom-build your own flatpack solution. During the process through a number of emails or phone-calls you and our designers can fine tune your flatpack to your unique needs. We can send samples colour schemes, provide almost any hardware, product or modification giving you an array of options not usually available to standard flatpacks.

Here's a brief list of things to be noted about our designer flatpacks:

  • Designer flatpacks have floor plans, front elevations and render perspectives.
  • Generic cabinet constructions are downloadable from our link which will be supplied on order placement.
  • Some manufactures will not allow their warranty on counter top we don’t install such as the Quartz tops and the acrylic tops like Corian.
    We can give you a cost on this but if you are a day’s drive from Albany it will be fairly expensive.
  • You still want something a little different but you are a long way from us. We can offer the Corian and the trend granite products as they are glued to HMR particleboard substrate. This will travel well in a crate and withstand twisting and forklift loading. The pieces will be joined with connecting bolts and feather joiners. You then silcone join it on site. Will this be as good as us doing the work? I would have to say unlikely as we do many each year so know the methods. Is it better than a laminate? Yes the joins would be the same as laminate but you have the avantages of a harder wearing product.
  • Boxes assembled, drawers fitted. Drawer fronts fitted, doors fitted, handles drilled.
    This is a furniture van solution with just on site install required.
  • Arrives fully dismantled with it packed in a crate.
  • Finally, we do offer delivery and installation, if necessary.

Why use Classic Cabinetry flat packs over one of the bigger multi national supply stores?

  • Our trades people who have spent many years building and designing cabinets will see the product through from beginning to end, not just from when it leaves our premises.
  • As we are both the designer and manufacturer who has been in operation for over 30 years we have seen it all. Any issues or problems that may arise we will know how to best remedy them.
  • You're dealing with a country cabinetmaker who has a reputation to hold onto.
    Our business is built on word of mouth, You can’t stay in business for as long as we have without doing the right thing.
  • Low overheads compared to Perth so these savings are passed on. Do a comparison with a quote you have from another source. Let us know so we don’t spend too much time designing and getting into detail. We will get back to you with a generic quote based your on door and counter top requirements. From there you can decide the best route for you.
  • Choices, choices and choices. No doubt you have done research with kitchen magazines and you know there are so many designs and products available. We use all of them. However some firms don’t. If there's any product or design you desire you can rely on us to find and supply it for you.
  • As a local small business, for 30 years we've trained and employed young apprentices, many have graduated through our tutelage and tertiary education, launching their careers. We're not a face-less big corporate giant chain, we're community based family owned and run cabinet-maker. By keeping your business in the local community you help to make it thrive and sustain it for future generations.
  • Would like a free site measure? As they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. We do site measures within the area of Metro Perth and south back towards Albany. As this is a cost to us we just ask to get a quote done based on your measurements first, be fairly serious that you wish to use us and then I will site measure when next in your area. This gives you a opertunity to check me out and for me to check wall squareness and laser measure sizes. Is this free? Yes if you proceed with the job. If you cancel I think its fair that some of my time is reimbursed.


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