Vinyl Wrap/Thermo Laminated

At Classic Cabinetry we make own doors in-house.
With imported Italian manufacturing machinery and carefully trained staff members we can be sure that all doors leaving our workshop are worked to a high standard of quality.
We have a 7 year warranty on our doors and you can be sure that we use only the finest materials, we do not use cheap materials or low quality materials like some cabinetmakers.

Just be aware the product is heat formed thus keeping excessive heat away from doors such as a vertical grill or leaving a range-hood door open above a unattended gas burner is not a warranty claim. Careful attention is paid to every detail - from the core of the door to its external finish. The protective foil surface is extremely durable making each door scratch, chip and knock resistant.

Our dedicated craftsmanship combined with our fully automated manufacturing process and after sales service make Classic Cabinetry doors one of the most recommended by customers.

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Melamine with ABS edge

MELAMINE doors & panels are available in a stunning selection of colours and designs, allowing you to create a stylish look in your home. Made from 16mm moisture resistant MDF, in a range of surface finish options, they are available in both rolled and square edged profiles. 

Available edging options now include a full range of 1mm edge tapes giving your doors a sleek and almost seamless finish. The durability of our 1mm edge tape ensures that your doors will endure the daily activities of a busy kitchen without compromising on style. 

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Melamine Rounded Edge

As well as being highly resistant to moisture and scratching, our Contour Fine edge Doors have a sleek range of profiles, including 3mm and 7mm pencil round edge, to give cabinets, drawers and joinery a seamless appearance.

You cannot have the edge on all 4 edges like the vinyl wrap doors but either on the vertical or horizontal with a 1 or 2 mm abs edge.

Some like this door as its more resistant to heat, if that is a concern. The facing is melamine which is not as thick as the vinyl so that may mean the wear and tear is not as good.

We do not manufacture these doors so Laminex and Polytec are the Australian companies to visit to download their PDF catalogues.

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Two Pack Painted Doors

Painted Kitchens provide a durable and hard wearing finish. Be it satin or gloss finish with any paint colour you desire, if its modern look you're after - a stunning Classic Cabinetry two pack painted kitchen is sure to impress.

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Solid Timber

Tesrol produce a wide range of Solid Timber & Timber Veneer doors to suit any kitchen design style.

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Or for more common species.

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Aluminium Framed

Aluminium Frame Cabinet Doors

  • Custom made to desired dimensions and specifications
  • Largest range of furniture grade European aluminium frames in the industry: 13 profiles, 3 finishes
  • All our frames come with 10 micron anodised finishes which ensure scratch resistance and easy cleaning
  • Largest range of inserts in the industry: 15 currently available
  • Handles can be installed in the aluminium frame (Except 50/0mm and 50/8mm profiles)
  • Spectrum of applications include kitchens, bathrooms, office furniture, wardrobes, entertainment centres, etc
  • High quality control system at our manufacturing facility
  • Link to profile details 

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Roller Shutters

Only the roller shutter offers you a lot of versatility. An ideal solution to keep your busy kitchen or workplace looking tidy, just push your appliances or other items back and pull down the shutter. Our roller shutters are available in a scope of colour. These doors are made to measure allowing you to renovate your existing cabinets or comfortably include in the design of your new kitchen or office.

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