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The kitchen is the center piece of any home, our expert kitchen designers will carry out a home appointment to measure and offer our professional suggestions. 

After taking your kitchens exact measurements using the latest bleeding-edge 3D computerised design technology we can tailor your kitchen to your particular taste and style while retaining form and functionality that will last you for years to come. 

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Planning a kitchen can be a daunting task, especially when you consider how many individual items your kitchen actually holds. But with guidance from Classic Cabinetry, planning your kitchen can be an easy task



  • Functionality is just as, if not more, important than a kitchen's façade. When planning a new kitchen, think about how long you are going to be working in it. The average age of a kitchen is 20 years. Over this time your body will change through ageing, injury or even pregnancy and these factors can alter your ability to interact with and use your kitchen.
  • Before you decide on a kitchen design, think about how you will use your kitchen. What are the processes and movements involved when you cook a meal? Can a four-step process be reduced to two steps? Simply by storing kitchen items in the area where they are to be used can significantly reduce kitchen traffic, which also impacts on the amount of time spent in the kitchen.
  • Place frequently used items in optimal areas of access. Items you use on a daily basis should be stored in the top two drawers in base cabinets or on the bottom shelf in overheads. Think of what items you use daily, such as your cutlery, mugs and drinking glasses — are they easy to reach?
  • Drawers in base cabinets are becoming standard in modern kitchen design. Not only do they provide more storage space, they also eliminate excess bending and straining. And drawers are no longer limited to standard applications; they are also available as sink and corner solutions that utilise even more space.
  • Internal drawer organisation is very important. You may have a beautiful kitchen, designed with a workflow in mind and all items located where required, but if there isn't any internal organisation finding items can be a frustrating exercise. Safety is also a factor; rummaging through a utensil drawer containing knifes is not ideal.
  • Wire shelving systems for detergents, recycling systems, pantry storage pullouts, blind corner shelving systems, lift down shelves, kickboard drawers are all available for better use of your storage area. For ideas visit the blum, hettich,hafele and other hardware suppliers web sites. These sites are normally more up to date. There is also a good range of video of the fittings in operation on you tube. Our showroom also has a selection of fittings which you can test.

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